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Project Overview:

At Solinovation, we introduce our innovative COVID & CRM App, seamlessly merging safety and relationship management. Our app prioritizes health by enabling secure interactions and health status tracking, while also fostering strong connections. With intuitive features, real-time updates, and customizable solutions, businesses can navigate the new normal while nurturing meaningful customer relationships, all in one powerful platform.

Key Features:

Solinovation’s COVID & CRM App offers a comprehensive suite of features. It ensures safety through health status tracking, enabling secure in-person interactions. Robust customer relationship management tools empower businesses to nurture and engage clients effectively. Real-time data updates keep users informed,

while customizable solutions cater to unique needs. Seamless integration with communication channels, appointment scheduling, and analytics provide a holistic solution for navigating pandemic challenges while optimizing customer engagement and business success.


The owner dashboard in Solinovation’s COVID & CRM App provides a centralized control hub. Monitor health statuses and interactions, manage appointments, and track customer engagement seamlessly. Real-time data synchronization ensures up-to-date insights. With user-friendly controls and customizable settings, businesses can confidently adapt to changing circumstances while prioritizing safety and maintaining strong customer connections

Ratings and Reviews:

Solinovation’s COVID & CRM App has garnered enthusiastic praise from users. The app’s integration of health safety measures and relationship management has been applauded for its innovation and relevance. Users value the convenience of tracking health statuses while fostering connections, which has been crucial in the pandemic era.

 The intuitive owner dashboard has received accolades for its comprehensive insights and easy navigation. Overall, the app has been commended for providing a timely and effective solution that aids businesses in adapting to new norms while maintaining customer relationships with care and efficiency.

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